Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 134: A good ending to a good month

March has come to an end wonderfully well! I think the month overall was pretty good and now today, the last day, it got better.

I made some great progress at work. When you do marketing at P&G one of the biggest jobs you have is to "qualify" ideas which basically means you need to put them into research and make sure that it is a winning proposition for the consumers. Today I got the results of 5 concepts that had gone into such a research and ALL FIVE qualified! Am super duper happy because it is a huge load off my chest! To celebrate, my manager and my team member who works in market research and I are going for breakfast together (sounds lame I know but one of them has lunch plans and I will be on a flight to Delhi during dinner time. So.)

Then to make things happier, I realized that I have excercised a total of 19 days this month. That's a record! My highest so far was 16 only and that was in Mar'09 and Dec'09. So Mar'10 is really quite a breakthrough! Yay! Now I can happily go for the brother-in-law's wedding in Kanpur and celebrate my achievement by hogging on some yummilicious food for 10 days!

And to top all the sense of achievement, my friend who went back to our old school (where I studied for 12 glorious years) to invite the teachers for her wedding, tells me that all the teachers asked about me and had some sweet things to say. It made me go Awwwww.... :) Miss them all!

On a side note, I am not sure whether I will be able to write any blog entries for the next 11 days thanks to Kanpur's unreliable electricity conditions, computer quality as well as the wedding storm I might be swirling in. But I shall be taking note of what made me happy every single day and will be posting when am back.

So there. Great month. Great day.

866 more to go.