Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 123: The White Flag

You know what's weird? I'll tell you. It's weird how everything in life seems to go wrong when things turn sour with a person you care about. Even if all else seem to go perfectly, just one tiny wrong equation with that person ruins everything. It's damn annoying, I tell you. Especially if the person in question is the by-now-famous-on-this-blog hubby of mine.

OK, here's the background - these days I generally feel that my life is all rosy. Busy, but rosy. Work is OK. Film is making slow but steady progress. Am making some really good friends via this blog as well as via similar interests in film-making. I have finally found THE cause I wanna work for - Prajwala. And just when I should be flying high in the sky, what do I do? I fight with the hubby. About what? A stupid insurance policy. Like, really!

Here's an excerpt from the conversation (a.k.a. The Fight):
He: I have told my insurance agent that we will be taking insurance for our house. If either of us die, it will pay off the remaining mortgage.
Me: I don't want it.
He: But I told her we will take.
Me: You take. I don't want. I already have so many policies I can't keep track.
He: But you have to take it. I told her.
Me: Who asked you to tell her?
He: But I told her!
Me: OK FINE! I will take it.
He: You need to take a medical test.
Me: What?
He: You need to take a medical test before we can get the insurance.
Me: Oh, too much trouble. Forget it.
He: Am going for it tomorrow.
Me: OK you go. Am not going.
He: But you MUST go. I will go only if you go.
Me: Huh? OK then don't go.
He: But we MUST go.
Me: Seriously, what's with you and this insurance agent? Why can't you say no?!
He: What can't you come?!

People tell me that I roll my eyes when I am frustrated. By this time in the conversation, I bet my eyes were rolling all around the place and were risking popping out once and for all.

Anyway, in a nutshell, within 15 minutes we both came to the ultimate conclusion that getting married was the stupidest thing in the world to do. After feeling satisfied by the fact that we agree on something at least, we parted ways. I went for a script discussion and he went for yoga.

The script discussion went pretty well. I should be popping bottles of champagne for all the work I have managed to do over the week and how it has ended with a productive script discussion but I am not being able to. Because today, I realize that apparently everything else makes me happy only if this fellow is happy as well. Blah.

In any case, since am supposed to be on a quest for 1000 beautiful days, I shall be the first to break the ice. And this post serves as a white flag from me to him (it will also serve as a test to check whether he is indeed reading my blogs like he claims to. Ha!).

877 more to go.

P.S. This does not mean that I am gonna take that insurance. Just FYI.


  1. i think u should read your own post "Advice to me" and apply it here. In the bigger picture, does it really matter.

  2. Nope it didn't, as you can see in my Day 124 post. :)