Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 106: Taking a break

March 3, 2010

Yesterday, after work, I was exhausted. Like really really so. The past few days have been crazy with work and also all the film preparation. So yesterday after work, I decided that am not gonna do anything more for the day. No film work. No excercise. No reading. No surfing. No blogging. Ok I must admit that the last two happened also because I did not have any internet connection in the evening at home, but still they count!

So yesterday was special because I had an absolutely quiet evening with nothing on my mind other than enjoying the dinner my mom made, some mindless TV watching and then going to bed early. And I believe that has helped a lot in refreshing my mind and recharging me today to take on work both at office and on the film later on.

Sometimes taking a break IS indeed required.

894 more to go.

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