Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 111: Yoga through Migraine

Today I skipped work. I had a bad night's sleep yesterday and woke up with all kinds of aches such as headache, back ache, neck ache and shoulder ache. I believe it has got a lot to do with the all the 15-hour work days last week followed by the hectic mahurat and mock shoots and the dance rehearsals over the weekend. In any case, I was in no condition to go to work, so I took a medical leave today. I slept through most of the day and by evening, everything except the darn headache had subsided.

In the spirit of making every day special (which in turn means to do something useful and not just sleep away), I decided to go for yoga no matter what. So with a splitting headache throughout, I struggled through the 1.5 hours in the hot room. I still have the persistant headache but I feel like a warrior!

889 more to go.

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