Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 107: Rosy Little World

Suddenly I feel that the people of the world are all so damn nice! OK, maybe not all but today I feel like at least I am surrounded by a whole lot of them! People are helping me out of the blue, standing up for me out of the blue, just generally caring for me out of blue. Here are a few examples,

a) A friend, whom I have not talked to in ages (at least 12 years)sees my film's teaser poster, talks about it with his music-composer friend who in turn, offers to help out with the music for the film! And he did that completely on his own without me asking for anything!
b) A friend, also a cast member, decides that she wants to help me out with something and puts me through to a full-time-ad-maker friend of hers who can advice me on anything I need help with. Again, completely on her own!
c) At work, a colleague stands up for me in a most unexpected way.
d) A friend, whom I have not even met, remembers me and invites me a second time for an event that I completely (and irresponsibly) had forgotten about.
e) A friend, an aspiring film maker from UAE whom I have not met also, is taking the trouble to send me a DVD of his latest film all the way from there, simply because I expressed an interest to watch it.
f) And last but not the least, a friend asked me whether I was OK. I guess he got to know about my work load from the constant cribbing I have been dishing out on social media and he decided to ask me whether I was OK.

I am so darn OK! See how super good everyone around me is? All that makes me so wanna smile! All small things to the people involved maybe, but goes a long way in making me feel so super nice! Ah!

893 more to go.

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