Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 110: Mixed Bag

Today I happened to do a LOT of things.

a) Danced for 2 hours - It was the rehearsal for the brother-in-law's wedding that's only a month away now. More than dancing, I got my husband to dance more than he has ever danced before. So that was an achievement.
b) Earring Adventure - I had written here that my mom and I had gotten our ears pierced with a second hole each. We had a stud on them when the hole was pierced but today we tried to change from the stud to a ring. It was one painful experience I must say because the wound had not healed fully and our impatience resulted in not-so-pleasant an experience. However the mother-daughter team kept at it until we successfully gotten the rings on. Now we are happy and can't stop looking at the mirror!
c) 3 Films - I am not sure exactly how I managed it, but looks like I watched three whole movies today. My favourite out of the lot - "Thiruvilayaadu Aaaramabam", a Tamil masala flick that I found pretty enjoyable except for the climax.
d) Gift Shopping - A few weddings are coming up and we went hunting for gifts with considerable success. I hate shopping so the fact that we made some progress is pretty commendable.
e) TGIF - I realized that a new TGIF has opened on Orchard Road and I had my first ever meal at TGIF. We had Boneless Wings, Fajita, Fried Shrimps an Fries all of which were really yummilicious! And being the foodie that I am, a good meal is always welcome!

All in all, a packed and fun day!

890 more to go.

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