Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 132: Progress in health, beauty and social lives

Today was quite a significant day for three reasons:

a) I finally found one thing that I enjoy having and is yet healthy - Green Tea! Seriously, this day is like a milestone in my life because I don't think I like any kind of healthy food. I am not a fan of fruits. I am not a fan of vegetables, unless they are deliciously cooked in Indian style which usually makes them pretty unhealthy anyway. I am not a fan of fish and not of any kind of grilled meat etc. etc. etc. But today I gave up my half a cup of morning-mocha and decided to try green tea, the much recommended healthy beverage. The verdict: I love it! And I forsee myself having it all the time. So am quite happy to have taken a step towards eating (or drinking) healthy and making the diet-gods pleased.

b) I bought a tube of hair conditioner (oh-my-freaking-God)! This is yet another momentous occassion because I haven't bought a conditioner since 2004 when I was interning at P&G. That time someone sold the merits of the P&G brand Pantene to me and I used it for a while. I found it good but soon discovered that I am not cut out to be a hair-conditioner-user. It's just way too much hassle. However today, I happened to shop for conditioners for my mother in law. She had requested me to get her one when I go back to India later this week. But I was utterly confused about what to buy. The rows and rows of conditioners in all shapes and sizes stared at me from Watsons' shelves. Sure, being the die-hard P&G lover that I am, I didn't even glance at Elseve or Dove or Sunsilk but still I had a lot to choose from. Then my eyes fell on the Herbal Essences range and I caught myself smiling at all their pinks and purples and oranges and blues. Such happy colours! Soon I got a Herbal Essence conditioner AND also a Pantene conditioner (so I make at least 2 P&G brands happy) for my mom-in-law. (On a side note, I work for Head & Shoulders but there was no H&S conditioner available). Anyway, coming back to the point... after I bought mom-in-law a nice purple bottle of conditioner, I felt that a conditioner is THE product that is crucial to my beauty needs and I picked up a blue bottle for myself. So there, tomorrow onwards, am gonna have awesome hair.

c) After making huge progress in both my health and beauty lives, I tackled my social life. I caught up with a friend from Malaysia whom I had not met for the last 9 months! She used to work with me on SK-II and was in town today. It was absolutely lovely to catch up with her!

So all in all, a very productive day.

868 more to go.


  1. Starting my 1000 today! anything positive in getting older?

  2. Ping me at work and ill tell you
    1) How to make the green tea most effective
    2) How to make your hair shiny and awesome and frizz free


  3. Anonymous - Congratulations! :D Well, so many positive things seem to have happened to me over the last 132 days of getting older. I guess as long as you live, you would get older, so might as well focus on having a kickass time throughout! :)

    Unpredictable - am just coming to meet you to get my tips :D