Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 133: Office. Night. Darts.

Today I worked until late at office. By late, I mean until about 9:15 pm. The reason was that I have a lot to get through before going on my exactly-6-days-away-from-work holiday. OK, to be fair, my manager did assure me that no matter how much I work now, when I come back from the holiday I would still find my projects at exactly the same situation I left them, with no progress. Her confidence on this, however, did not deter me in my quest for finishing up whatever I can.

Now, I had no intention of staying until 9:15pm in the office. The agreement with the hubby was that we would leave our respective offices at 8:50pm. However at 8:50 pm, in true hubby-fashion, he promptly changed the time of departure to 9:15pm. But I had already kind of started packing up and didn't feel like getting back to work.

That's when I figured that I am the only person left on the floor. There was no one but me and the desks and the chairs and the random bottles of shampoos and conditioners lying around. I was fascinated. I did just what I normally do when I find myself alone. I started singing at the top of my voice. One cannot waste such opportunities to excercise one's vocal talents without the risk of scaring a fellow human being out of his/her wits.

In any case, the singing didn't last for long. Because just after about 3minutes into it, I discovered that there is a pretty funky electronically enabled dart board in the office pantry. So I decided to play darts. My first attempt at throwing was pretty successful. I was almost close to the bull's eye! Encouraged by my beginner's luck, I grabbed more darts and started throwing them. That's when I realized that there was only one working dart among all of them. Rest had their pointed noses broken, leaving them to be pretty useless in clinging on the board. So I went back to the first dart and threw that again. This time it locked itself in a position far away from bull's eye. Pathetic throw it was.

I decided to give it another shot but when I tried to pull out that single working dart from the dart board, it didn't budge. It just clung onto the board with all its strength as if it was scared that I would break its precious pointy nose with my directionless throws. I pulled and pulled and pulled with no success. So I finally gave up and decided that it was a pretty great game nevertheless.

An empty office. Night time. Dart board. Two throws. Lots of fun.

I am pretty sure that tomorrow morning that sole working dart will be clinging to its far-away-from-bull's-eye position as a testament to my late night darting adventure.

867 more to go.

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