Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 119: So many things, all wonderful!

Wow, what a day!

I think I will need to follow my bullet-point format to go through all that has excited me today!

a) I got three old friends from school back in my life via Facebook (and another one just yesterday). Four old friends in 2 days - that has not happened before I think. So catching up with them was very, very nice! It is such a great feeling to hear from long lost contacts. Somehow you feel a lot closer to them when they are back after such a long time because they bring a bunch of memories and pieces of yourself with them.

b) I got so many enquiries over the past couple of days about what my mom has been upto, since I don't mention her in my blog anymore. Well, I do think she is stealing my thunder here and becoming the heroine of my blogs (which incidentally, she is quite pleased to hear). Rest assured, my mom will be here with me in Singapore for another two weeks. And today I got to spend the whole day with her and her alone since I worked from home and my hubby was not around in the evening as well. These were some of the activities that happened over the day i) She narrated how yesterday, she and her north indian Hindi-speaking son-in-law discussed the green nail polish of the Mallu actress in the Mallu serial/soap when the actress was wearing Black (the lack of matching colours shocked both of them and before you ask, no I was not around because I was at my computer doing better things at that time), ii) She forced me to drink soy milk which is a new addition to her current diet plan, iii) She made me some really awesome dosas iv) She and I went shopping and had our favourite "Pepper Lunch" for dinner.

c) I had talked about being a "Friend of Prajwala" here. And I believed that the first step I must take is to make sure that more people are aware of Prajwala's existence and the work they do. When I visited Prajwala's Facebook page today, it had about 192 members. For an organization that has saved 5000 children and 3200 women, that was just sad. So I took some time to spread the word among my friends and requested them to take the small step of at least showing the support (if they believe in the cause) via Facebook which takes hardly any effort at all. The last I checked, Prajwala's membership on FB has grown to 200. A very small step, but still a step!

d) A few of these good-souled new members of Prajwala responded to me and declared their keen interest and commitment to the cause. If the 'Friend of Prajwala' movement starts in Singapore, these individuals have promised their help in any whichever way possible. I feel very thankful for that and very encouraged to see that there are more people who feel as strongly about this and who wants to do something other than feel sorry and send prayers. I felt that the step taken got a little bigger with that!

e) I sent another email with the activities I am planning for "Friends of Prajwala" to Dr. Sunitha Krishnan, the founder of Prajwala (watch her TED talk here, if you have not already done so....you will not regret it). She has responded with a very encouraging email and has promised to get back with more details as soon as she gets to India (she is currently in New York). I feel very honoured to receive each email from her... I think she is right at the top of the list of people who inspire me.

So a wonderful day, all in all.

881 more to go.


  1. Indeed. It is an eye opening talk..

  2. Yes. If you believe in the cause and want to show your support through Facebook, this is Prajwala's page. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=189383173421 No pressure! :)