Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 109: Mahurat!

When they make a film in India, there is a custom of organizing a prayer and having an official start to the entire shoot process and this event of prayer and first day of shoot is called a Mahurat in Hindi. Since I am making a film, I too decided to start off with a Mahurat, inspite of the fact that my film is nowhere close to a proper Indian film production! But who cares about that? It is always good to start off with a prayer.

So the entire cast came along today together with my technical crew. We had a small prayer, took a couple of mock shots on the camera to test the general look and feel and had a few rounds of rehearsals. The whole thing lasted about 4 hours and it was so much fun!

But it also makes me very jittery because the film work has officially begun and now there is no looking back! Since many people are involved in this, my only prayer was that I know what I am doing and am not wasting everyone's time and effort.

Whichever way it goes, today was definitely a fun day that I would remember for a long time to come.

891 more to go.

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