Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 116: Vinaithandi Varuvaya

Vinaithandi Varuvaya (which will be henceforth referred to as 'VV') is a recently released Tamil movie directed by Gautham Menon. Today after a productive 7-hour rehearsal for my film, I decided to go watch 'VV', something which I had been planning for so long now. And man, I loved it!

I go crazy about movies (which should be pretty obvious for those who know me). I am super passionate about films and I can talk hours about them. So watching a movie that moves me makes the day for me completely. I keep rewinding the scenes and watch them in my head over and over again long after the show is over. And 'VV' would easily fall into that category!

Sure, it has got its de-merits - drags a lot in the second half, dialogues get repetitive, choreography leaves a lot to be desired, background score jars at times etc. But I so didn't care!!

You see, I think the hardest kind of film to make is the one that says the simplest of stories but is yet an engaging and entertaining watch. Now, it is even harder to make a movie like that if the subject chosen is love because it has been done to death. At the end of the day there can only be two love stories - the one where the lovers get together and the one where they don't. But 'VV' has managed to do just that - tell a simple love story in an engaging, entertaining, realistic and relatable manner! That alone makes me so wonderstruck!

I don't intend to turn this into a review but I have to say that a lot of the impact had to do with the wonderful songs in the movie about which I had already written about here. Listening to them is such a pleasure and watching them was too.

Plus I learnt a small lesson from watching the film as well.

I am awed and wowed by how the genius Mr. Menon can get his actors to put up such terrific performances! The leads in the film are nowhere on top of the acting proficiency list otherwise, but they have completely taken me by surprise in this film. As a wannabe director myself, I have a HUGE amount of respect to Mr. Menon for this because it shows his perseverance in getting the best out of his cast!

After the 7-hour rehearsal with my actors today, I was already feeling tired. I have a tendency to give up and compromise if something doesn't go right after a few takes. But after watching this film, am so inspired to get the exact right expression from my cast for every single shot without making a compromise, during my shoot. The movie taught me that it would be the best investment to make and I should not give up on that!

I have been entertained and I have been a taught a lesson. What more can I ask?

884 more to go.

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