Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 83: Hosanna

Sometimes you hear a song that you can't stop listening to for days or even, weeks. You put it on repeat and keep listening to it over and over and over again. When that happens to me, I feel AWESOME. I dunno whether it is the same feeling with everyone else, but for me... when I come across a song like that, I feel like I am on top of the world. It's like my heart would burst with happiness and I can't stop smiling! And today was a day like that!

Over the weekend I happened to listen to the songs from the movie 'Vinaithandi Varuvaaya', composed by none other than the genius A.R.Rahman. One particular song, Hosanna, caught my attention. I played it around 7-8 times yesterday night before going to bed.

So this morning I woke up with the tune in my head. Today was a good Monday at work. I had only one meeting and hence the rest of the time I was working on some documents. And what did I listen to throughout? Hosanna, but of course. I listened to it while working on the documents, during lunch, on the way to yoga and back, on the way home and currently, as I am writing this post.

The song makes me feel soooo... hmm... sooo.. good! In fact, as I walked home from the train station, munching over an over-priced ($2.60) slice of mango and watching people walk by, I was feeling really good listening to the song. The feeling of goodness was so overwhelming that I smiled widely at an old Chinese aunty, for no apparent reason. She duly responded with a scowl. But such trivialities didn't bother me and I think I kinda hopped and skipped to music on the road.

Seeing my excitment about 'Hosanna' as well as the other songs from the movie, a friend commented that I will explode when the movie releases. I guess what he meant was that the soundtrack will be so good that I will explode with excitement.

Well, explode is right.

917 more to go.


  1. I love the VV songs only concern is SIMBU...the hero of the movie...and how he migh ruin the songs....he looks pretty decent in the stills and in the Hosanna song (you can catch bits of it on youtube) hopefully it won't be toooo bad! :p

  2. Cha - I know! I had the exact same concern!!!! But I have faith in Goutham Menon... he has never disappointed in getting good performances from his actors! :D Looking forward to the movie! :)

    Rohan - Yeah! :D

  3. Simbu is in Mani's next as well...soooo he must have done a decent job in VV...

  4. Oho... interesting! Crossing fingers now! :D

  5. after reading this blog.... started listening to Hosanna....!!! Anbil Avan my pick from the movie. the orchestration of Anbil Avan and voice of Chinmayi makes me HIGH :D

  6. Actually... Hosanna was the first song I took to and wrote this blog. But these days I listen to Anbil Avan more than Hosanna I think... love that song!