Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 92: Shorts, Legs and Size Zero

Today a girl at yoga class, whom I had gotten acquainted with over the last few months, came up to me and said, "Shilpa, you should wear trendier clothes". I thought I heard her wrong, so I simply blinked. Then she proceeded to explain, "I mean, you could at least wear shorts and tank tops for a hot yoga class! You can easily pull it off and you would be more comfortable but you are always wearing such stuff". Ah, OK so she was not a fan of my 3/4 track pants and huge t-shirt. I told her that I don't think am ready to be wearing shorts and tank tops from a "figure" standpoint and she asked me, "Why do you care so much?".

Her opinion of my dressing sense didn't matter to me but I was exhilarated with the conversation. What she said had bigger implications than that she would have imagined! I was convinced that the Gods were sending me a clear message and that I should absolutely heed it!

Here's the background story. Over the Chinese New Year weekend I bought a pair of shorts. I don't usually wear shorts but in the spirit of being comfortable during hot outdoor shoots for my film (yeah, I know... I take my filming VERY seriously), I bought a pair. When I wore it and went out the next day, I was convinced that I have the worst pair of legs on the planet. Now, I am not the kind who puts in a lot of thought to my looks, as is obvious to anyone who sees me regulary, but for a couple of days vanity got the better of me and I couldn't think of anything else other than how awful my legs were.

The logical side of my brain did argue that people have different types of legs and I am not unfit by any means (I lost around 15% body fat over the last year thanks to yoga) and that's what's important. However, the absolutely illogical side of the brain argued that all that might be true but you still need to have a size zero kinda pair of legs and the illogical side was emerging as a clear winner in the argument. Lame, I know, but the fact remains that I felt that way and a fact is a fact.

On the last day of Chinese New Year holidays, i.e. yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I was being stupid and that I cannot turn into one of those women who are obsessed with frivolous stuff such as the exact size of their legs. It was a reluctantly made conclusion but I was beginning to make my peace with it.

So when today this girl came up to me and asked me why the hell would I care so much before wearing a pair of shorts, I knew that the God's were sending me a message.

And it goes like this: "Shilpa, Grow Up."

908 more to go.

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