Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 82: Ready for Photoshoot

Had 5 hours of rehearsals today with all my key cast members, together with taking mock shots. We are making quite some progress! Also got the costumes ready for photoshoot, planned in 2 weeks' time. We are all set!

But now I am dead tired and so keeping this short. Planning to take the rest of the evening off - just dinner, work on the script and also hopefully get some rest.

918 more to go.


  1. good luck for the rest of the shoot.. cant wait to watch it... i wish i could be part of your production.. but any help i can offer from here ... you are always welcome...

  2. How sweet! :D Thank you! :) We have a LOT more work to do... have hardly scratched the surface so far! If you were here, I would have LOVED to give you a cast or crew role... I still have plenty of roles left! :) But thanks for the wishes.. sure if something comes up that I need help from there, I'll definitely let u know! :)