Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 97: Singing in the Morning

Today I woke up in the morning, like I wake up every Monday morning, expecting myself to feel blue about the whole new work week ahead and quickly come to the conclusion that God was fairly inconsiderate in not giving me rich parents, which would have made it unnecessary for me to go to work on a Monday Morning. However, that didn't happen.

Instead, I woke up and felt an urge to sing. Yup, SING. Nope, I am not a Singer. But still, I wanted to Sing.

So, after getting ready and while waiting for hubby who sually takes MUCH longer than me to get ready, I started to sing some bhajans. For the uninformed, bhajans mean devotional songs in Hindi. Now, don't ask me "Why bhajans?!". I have no clue. But I must say it was a wise choice, since my hubby, who usually has a pretty low opinion of my singing skills, didn't comment on it. I believe he was scared of God's wrath.

So after singing 3-4 bhajans at the top of my voice, I felt really good. In fact, I was feeling pretty much at the top of world for the rest of the day. Not sure whether that was entirely because of early morning bhajans but still starting the day with a song seems to have brightened it up for sure!

903 more to go.

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