Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 78: Sula

It was a very tough day. Three days in a row this week have been tough at work. By tough I mean an astounding amount of work that I can't seem to catch up with. On top of that I have the film to take care of too - location hunting, costume preparations for photoshoot, cast schedules, technical details etc.

But I managed to take some time off during lunch to meet a cousin from India who was here for her honeymoon. Today was her last day in Singapore and I simply had to meet up with her before she left. We had lunch together, I tagged along for a short while with her during her shopping expeditions and then returned back to office. I wished that I could spend more time with her but that was not possible.

Anyway I got back to work and it was another round of swirl. It was so bad that I didn't even realize it was well past 6 and that I am gonna miss yoga AGAIN. So I called up hubby and told him, in a very upset manner, that I will be missing yoga AGAIN. And he, in his usual manner, replied that if there is gonna be no yoga, we should at least have good food. Hmmm. I think what he meant was if we dont get what we planned, we should simply do something else that would make us feel equally good. Apparently both a yoga session and "good food" make us feel equally good, irrespective of the different end results that they might give.

In any case, we went to Shahi Maharani in Raffles City for "good" food. And since my brain was so over stressed, I decided to have a glass of wine. I hardly take alcohol of any kind but I felt that today some wine would do me good. I ordered the Indian made Sula wine, which was highly recommended by hubby.

And I loved it! I usually need to crawl through a glass of wine and struggle to finish it but I didn't have much trouble with this one. I thoroughly enjoyed it and also the food. But there is a possibility that the wine was quite strong. Even with one glass I felt very relaxed and calm (read drowsy and sleepy). So relaxed and calm that I had to put in my utmost concentration to write this blog post. Hubby says it's all in my head but even so, it's been quite an effort.

In short, it's all ended well. In spite of a tough day, I don't feel like tearing my hair apart. And that's always good, whether or not it's because of Sula.

922 more to go.


  1. cheers.... i have to agree on sula too.. i had been to their vineyard in july... and theirs is the only wine i seemed to have enjoyed...

    well i hope u have a better day today... tc..

  2. You've been to Sula vineyard! How nice! :D Where is exactly?

    And hey thanks! yes, I did have a better day :)

  3. Yes been to Sula, its in nasik around 200kms from mumbai. They have their resort there too... really nice place to chill out.. check out the website..

  4. WOW... it's beautiful! Very! I should seriously suggest to people near Mumbai. Very nice place for a short trip!