Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 100: 100 Days!

So here I am. 100 days of the blog. This is the next milestone I had set after completing Day 30 or one whole month of keeping at it.

On Day 30, I had went Wooooooohoooooo! That was not just because of the pride I felt in completing 30 days, but as the post states, it was so darn difficult to find something special to write about every single day. For the first few weeks of this journey, I had to consciously hunt for good things to happen for the sake of the blog, leading to rather unnecessary stress. So completing 30 days felt like a humungous achievement.

But today, on day 100, I feel a lot calmer (as you can see from just a single exclamation mark in the title of the post and no woohoos!). That's because I think I don't feel the pressure of having to look for something good to happen anymore. Instead, it has almost become a habit. Sure, I still have shitty days sometimes but I seem to be overcoming them by compensating with small personal victories like my first 10km run or my first 18 lap swim, or getting the cobra pose right, or making progress on different aspects of the film I am making etc.

And I think that is an incredibly useful habit to develop! It keeps me on a high almost all the time and I am very glad that I started on this journey. 900 days is still a long time to go but am not as stressed about it anymore.

Just before I wind up, I must also say that I wanted to make the day extra special than just reach 100 days with the blog. So I bettered my best-ever-18-lap swim with a 20-lap today.

The next milestone will be on Day 250.

900 more to go.


  1. congrats :) and here's to 900 more, cheers!

  2. Go Go superwoman!:) Life is all about the smaller things in life.Cheers to more of that!

  3. Nice! 100 is big indeed! :) And great about the swim as well.. :)