Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 85: Wheelchairs

As I was waiting for the train at the MRT station today, I happened to witness something very touching. A bunch of physically handicapped youngsters were waiting for the train by my side. There were six of them in total out of whom four could walk around but with apparent physical difficulties. The remaining two, a boy and a girl, were on wheelchairs.

They were physically challenged but there was this aura of energy and perfect happiness about them. They were laughing and joking and obviously having a lot of fun, which was very nice to see. Only the girl on the wheelchair seemed to be upset over something. And the boy on the wheelchair was trying his best to cheer her up. After some considerable effort, she began to smile and he pulled her towards him and kissed her! There was something really touching about that! Both of them were literally glowing.

For the remaining time I waited for the train, the boy could hardly take his eyes off the girl. You could see that they were genuinely in love with each other. That and the fact that they, the whole group, seemed to be having a blast in spite of not being born healthy enough, was very inspiring.

It is indeed possible to make your own happiness.

915 more to go.

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