Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 98: Spreading Sushi Joy

It must be already pretty obvious from my blog posts over time that am a food lover. My most recently found favourite is Sushi. Specifically the Golden Catch, California Roll and Cheese Delight from Ichiban Boshi. Once I discover a dish that I absolutely love, I usually want to immediately make sure my hubby experiences the same gastronomic joy since he is a much bigger foodie than I am. And sushi was no exception.

The particular varieties of Sushi I have mentioned above, were introduced to me by a friend at work and today I got an opportuinty to share my discovery with the hubby. He had convinced me that going for yoga was a bad idea (with little effort, I admit) and suggested that we have a good meal instead. So I promptly recommended Ichiban Boshi.

He had a fine meal of Sushi and then later told me that it was totally my fault that he overate.

902 more to go.

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