Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 99: Morning Yoga and First Technical Meeting

Yesterday I happily declared on my favourite social networking sites Twitter and Facebook that I am going to go for early morning yoga today. But to be very honest, I had no real plan to do it. I mean, it was like one of those things you want to do but you know you won't really end up doing. So I didn't even bother to set the alarm before going to bed.

However, this morning I automatically woke up at 6:30 and felt incredibly fresh. Fresh enough to not want to go back to bed. That was it then. I had to go for Yoga. And I did!

Yet another historical event - early morning hot yoga. And it wasn't a bad class at all! I could keep up well enough with all the rich, jobless Caucasian women who are regular morning yoga people.

After a long day of productive meetings at work, I finally had the first ever technical crew meeting for the film. I think it stressed me out more than the work meetings but it's all good stress.

All in all, a pretty productive day and here's to many more of such days!

901 more to go.

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