Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 77: A Comment and a Blog

A pretty interesting day. On one hand I had 13 hours of meetings at work, which somehow I ploughed through and still managed to feel pretty OK. On the other hand, I was very intrigued by how some inspiring experiences come to you.

Yesterday I had written here about my experience with starting an Art Club in university and how it lives on still. I guess a few people read that and I got a comment from one of the current committee members (I assume) of the club asking me to go visit them one weekend! That was pretty sweet and that in itself would have made the day special!

But interestingly, I noticed that this person also writes a blog - http://alearningaday.blogpost.com. As the name suggests he records something interesting he's learnt every single day! And what was so fascinating was that he has done this for more than a 1000 days already and obviously he'd not started it because the big scary age of "30" was looming round the corner. He had started it when he was in university and he had started it because, well... I guess he felt like appreciating the small joys of life, even at that age.

That was indeed inspiring!

923 more to go.


  1. Ha ha. Seems like we have swapped blog links on our posts for the day!

  2. Yes... I figured that out! :) Well.. I guess if we write about similar things, it was bound to happen sometime... ;)

  3. He he.. Indeed indeed. Would love to catch up sometime - maybe one of the days when you are on campus. Having given your previous posts a quick read, I think it would help my Malayalam a great deal.. haha