Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 103: Mom in town!

My mom is visiting for a month and she arrived this morning. I believe this is her 8th or 9th visit to Singapore but she still behaves as if its her first time. I must say that I am rather amused by her child-like excitement! She is still talking about how pretty the airport is and convenient everything here is.

And as usual, she has also brought my favourite things to eat such as the jam rolls and chocolate pastries (nope, you don't get the exact same thing here in Singapore). She has also got a jumbo pack Parle-G biscuits for her son-in-law who enjoys them with his tea. This, I believe would be available in Singapore but there is no way to convince her that!

So good to have her again in spite of the fact that I am stuffed with jam rolls!

897 more to go.

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