Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 90: By the River

Today the Chinese New Year holidays continue. It was a pretty eventless day up until 6pm or so. Then I put my foot down and demanded that we go out. I literally dragged my hubby away from the TV that showed yet another god-awful cricket match that he seemed to enjoy but I had absolutely zero interest in.

After a Starbucks tea, bagel and puff, we decided to go on a short walk from Raffles City to Clarke Quay for our dinner. Clarke Quay is our usual hangout place during weekends. However, half way down the walk, I decided that we go to Clarke Quay every other time and wanted to go somewhere different. So we took a diversion and walked around the Old Parliament House, along the river and towards the Asian Civilization Museum.

I have been in Singapore for more than 11 years now, but I must say that I haven't seen much of it still! I have hardly been to this part of the river and it was absolutely lovely! It was a very pleasant walk with a great view of the Central Business District and the lovely historic trail with all the sculptures. I also have some great ideas for my film's locations! :)

Then I discovered that there is an Indo-Chine restaurant at the Museum. I really had NO clue about it till today! We had a good meal there, then again took a very short walk to my favourtie "Bean Bag" TCC at Boat Quay. After a horrifyingly sinful yet as-yummy-as-yummy-can-be Tiramisu, I feel awesome!

Today's evening was just lovely! I really do think I should be more open to exploring new places even within Singapore!

910 more to go.

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