Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 101: Teaser Poster

My day (or rather, night) continued to rock even after I wrote the 100th post yesterday. But if I am strictly to go by the time, the below happened way past midnight, so I guess it counts as what made Day 101 special. And that is, the teaser poster for my film 'Mausams'!!!

Just when I was about to shut my computer and go to bed yesterday, my photographer for the film's still shoot sent me one of the shots taken during the shoot. This shot was meant to be used for a teaser poster. Once I received that, I felt that I had to work on it and convert it into the poster immediately. So I did just that! Instead of going to bed, I sat back and worked on it. And Lo! We had the First Look Teaser Poster for Mausams! :)

Even after I woke up today, I was very excited about it that I sent it to a lot of my friends. The feedback was encouraging with some ideas on improvement and I felt really good the whole day!

The evening ended with watching the movie 'Karthik Calling Karthik' which I quite liked and I now have an even bigger crush on Farhan Akhtar. One talented genius he is!

All in all, a wonderful Day 101. And now I into my 800s.

899 more to go.


  1. hey congrats on 100 successful posts... and any chances of seeing the teaser poster...

  2. Hey thanks! :( The teaser poster's at ! :) I had shared it via FB status for a while... :)