Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 126: A Simple Decision

Today I was feeling pretty miserable. I felt bad that I was gonna miss yet another day of yoga because of the humungous amount of work I have at office. I could have made it only if I went for the 8pm class. But going for 8pm class would mean that I will reach home only at 10:30, leaving very little time to spend with my mom today. So either way I would feel guilty. Guilty for not spending time with mom and going for yoga or guilty for not going for yoga and spending time with mom. A lose-lose situation.

I narrated my predicament to a friend who readily said, "Skip yoga. You can get back to it when you are more free. Have fun with mom! That won't be possible always." Such a simple thing she said, but suddenly my mind was so clear. I could make my decision immediately and that too without feeling guilty about anything. It was no longer a lose-lose situation but just a clear winning situation.

I readily came back home to my mother and hogged on FIVE whole chappathis (which is 2-3 more than my usual serving) and vegetable curry.

I am amused at how I failed to see that the decision was so simple. Am just glad that I saw it even though it was after a few confusing hours.

874 more to go.

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