Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 131: We are set!

I had written a couple of times about the dances I was preparing for my brother in laws wedding which is in just two weeks time. There were supposed to be two performances - a solo of mine and then another one together with my husband. Even though we were rehearsing on and off the last few weeks, we were far from being really prepared as there were too many mistakes, half-finished steps, etc etc. But TODAY, we finally managed to have an awesome rehearsal! The energy, the finishing and the performances were finally good! I was so thrilled! We are set, baby!

To celebrate this event, hubby and I went to our favourite Kerala restaurant Swadishth and had one Thalassery Biriyani each. Now I cannot breathe coz am full to the brim but I am feeling so satisfied!

869 more to go.


  1. It's behind Jaggis... so on the road parallel to race course road. In betwee race course and serangoon road! :)