Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 127: I am Pitta and I shall not cheat

Today I made a revolutionary discovery. I realized that I am Pitta! If you have no clue what I am talking about, no worries. Until this morning I had no clue either. But thanks to a friend, now I am enlightened and feeling absolutely terrific about it. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three body-mind constitutions according to Ayurveda. It basically talks about how different people have characteristics about different elements in them - Vata: Air/Space, Pitta: Fire/Water but more on fire, Kapha: Water/Earth. And these actually regulate a lot of things about your body and mind. If you need more details about it check the link out. There you can figure out which of the three you are supposed to be as well.

The idea is that figuring this out will then help you figure out what kind of food you must eat and what excercise you must do etc. etc. But that's not what made me all excited. What made me excited is that I finally know why I am the way I am. I finally know why I am always hungry, I finally know why I am prone to acne, I finally know why my hair seems to turn brown naturally, I finally know why I am so hotheaded etc. etc. It was such a revelation to know that it is all part of Nature's special design and not really my fault! Yay!

And for some reason, I felt super cool to be Pitta - i.e. predominantly fire. My vivid imagination painted a rather extensive picture of me behaving like fire - blazing, spitting, snarling. I think I was so overcome with my imagination that I gave an impressive scowl all the way from office to yoga.

OK so coming to the cheating part. Am sure many of you are reading this post only because of the word "cheat" in the title, so let me get to it now.

I go for hot yoga (a.k.a Bikram Yoga). The secret at City Hall Bikram Yoga studios is that it is not consistently hot everywhere. So there are some corners where it is cooler and some where it is hotter. And I make sure I get a spot at the cooler corners every class which, in a way, is cheating. But today, since I was feeling all fiery and fiesty in the spirit of being Pitta, I told myself "NO more cheating at Yoga. I shall stand at the hottest spot."

And so I did. Within 10 minutes into the class I regretted it also. But good news is that I am alive and kicking still. So today I stood at the hottest spot in my yoga class out of choice. And today I know I am Pitta (somehow, saying that still gives me a kick)!

873 more to go.

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