Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 112: A Mother, A Son and A Graduation

Sometimes you can't help but feel how blessed you are to have the kind of life you do.

A maid comes to my house once every week to help with the cleaning and ironing. She is terrific at what she does, really! My house literally sparkles every time she comes and many visitors have even commented on that! She is also highly trustworthy. My husband and I leave the house under her care for hours without a second thought.

So today, she made her weekly visit and did her magic. When she was done, she asked me for an advance payment of a few hundred dollars to visit her home country for her son's graduation.

I felt really small and couldn't help but think of how lucky I am to be where I am.

Here's a lady, much older to me, who lives thousands of kilometers away from her family, and has the job of cleaning up other people's houses. She has worked and saved hard for so many years, has managed to support her son through college and now he is about to graduate. It must be a huge dream come true and such a proud moment for her! But she found herself in a situation that she has to ask for a loan to join her son and be part of this wonderful moment.

I think she felt horrible asking me for the money, because she was beginning to give me a long explanation on why she wants to go. Things like she hasn't been home for more than two years and how her son really wants her there etc. I stopped her before she could go on further. There was no need. I would not want my mother to be in her place and it would be a privilege if I can be part of something so special in her life, even if in a miniscule way.

Here is to a mother's dream come true.

888 more to go.

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