Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 105: Mom-Daughter Partnership

My mom, all of a sudden, is heavily into dieting and excercising and generally caring for her own well being. She has managed to lose around 5 kilos from dieting over the past 1 month and now is all excited about excercising and losing even more. So she actually pushed me to go to the gym today. So there she was on one treadmill and me on the other. She walked, I ran. For around half an hour. More than the calories burnt, the bonding time was amazing! This is the first time she and I have done something like this together ever! We have travelled together, watched movies together, gone hiking through the jungles of Kerala together (but my dad was always around for that) etc. but never excercised for the sake of excercising together ever. So that was quite nice!

The only issue is that after the workout, she makes me drink milk and eat bananas. Am not sure why exactly should I be part of her diet plan on top of her excercise plan but I guess it's a package deal.

895 more to go.

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