Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 121: Costume Manager, Mahurat Picture and '3 for $10'

My life seems to be jam packed recently. Like, SO MANY things seem to be happening every day that bullet-point format is slowly turning out to be my standard way of writing the blogposts!

I don't know whether there are actually more happy things in my life or whether I am just learning to be happy with a lot more things than usual. Either way, talking about just one thing doesn't seem to cut it these days!

So here are the highlights from today. Today was special because...

a) Two months ago I had sent out a call for the production crew of the film (for 5 production roles, to be exact) that successfully got two responses. Now, these respondents promptly disappeared after I told them what their expected responsibilities are. So I had very little hope of finding anyone for help and had been all set to work on everything myself. But today, a darling colleague of mine came up to me and asked me whether she could be the costume manager and makeup/hair stylist for the film. She is quite beauty savvy and I have no doubt of her capability on this. But more importantly, when I told her what I expected on the role, she didn't flinch. Based on my previous experience from the earlier respondents, I was expecting her to flee. However, she stood her ground rather firmly. So as of today, I have my costume manager cum makeup artist cum hair stylist. Yeah baby!

b) I had written here about the Mahurat for the film. Obviously it was a big deal for the team but none would have seen any photographs of the event. Well, it's not because I didn't want to display it to the world. It's because there were a grand total of THREE pictures from the event and they looked Horrible, thanks to my excellent photography skills. Not just horrible in terms of quality but also horrible because none of them have the full team members. Some members, including myself, don't feature in any of the three pics. Well, to be fair, we were more interested in the prayer and the rehearsals and less about taking pictures during the process. But after the Mahurat, I did feel like an idiot for not making sure that there is at least one decent photo.
Anyway, my friend from M.E.T films whom I had talked about here, was very keen to see the Mahurat pictures. Our conversation was something like this:

He: Where are the Mahurat pictures?
Me: Forget them. They are bad.
He: Where are the Mahurat pictures?
Me: Forget them. They are hopeless.
He: Where are the Mahurat pictures?
Me: Forget them. They are useless.
He: Where are the Mahurat pictures?
Me: Ugh. Sigh. I will send them to you.

I sent them to him and warned him that he is not to make any comment on the lack of any quality photos or my photography skills. Well, he didn't comment as he feared for dear life. But I could sense from his tone later on that he hadn't expect them to be that bad.

Instead of forgetting about them, guess what he did?! He very cleverly combined two of the three photos and made it to a decent one that actually is worth sharing! So here I am sharing, for the first time, the edited and the only shot from the 'Mausams' Mahurat!

Needless to say, that made me hop and skip for the rest of the day!

c) I played mother to my mother. There is a shop called "3 for $10" that has branches all over Singapore and it is a paradise for bargain lovers. You get all kinds of accessories, bags, watches etc. at 3 pieces for $10 as the name aptly suggests. My mom loves going there and she happened to see one today as well. She barged in and went nuts, just like you see kids behave in toy stores. She was confused out of her mind figuring out what all to buy. So finally, the good maternal daughter that I am, I chided her gently and got her get out of the shop after 30 mins and three purchses. For $10, but of course.

879 more to go.

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