Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 120: Thank You in Advance!

I had been racking my brain over what to blog about today. No, it's not because the day was so bad that I couldn't figure out what to write on. In fact, the day was not bad at all! It was actually a pretty good one and I feel on top of the world!

Work was tough but I managed to survive through it. I successfully completed shot breakdowns for a few more scenes from the film. I had a great bonding time with a colleague. I got one more unexpected positive feedback about this blog from a person who is a total stranger but obviously, a very kind and sweet one! Prajwala membership on Facebook has increased to 209 with 17 of my friends joining up since yesterday! A contact called me up to let me know about a cinematographer cum editor who is willing to help out with my film, for free, if I feel it necessary!

And last but not the least, a good friend told me something very sweet. She had always been wanting to help out with the film work but because of her busy schedule she couldn't. Apparently yesterday night, she saw a dream. The dream was that she watched a trailer of my film. And in her dream, she liked it so much that she felt like an idiot for not being part of the film's making process. And that's when (after she woke up) she realized how much she wanted to help out with the film and she came to talk to me about it.

I was so touched!

One can never say how a film or a play or any other work of art would end up. If you are lucky, only half the world would hate it. If you are really really lucky, more than half the world would love it. So, being part of any such project is a risk in a way and all you can do is enjoy the process as much as you can and leave the rest to God. Hence, when more and more people express their interest to be part of it, inspite of really knowing how it would turn out, I feel very good about it. In her case, she has been thinking about it enough to actually dream about it. So that was very touching.

Anyway, all the above things had happened today making me happy and also giving me enough material to write about... but still, I was bumming around for a while figuring exactly how to go about it. I was confused for some reason. I happened to mention this to a friend who came online. I told him that I am happy but can't figure out what to write. He said, "So be happy. Keep it short. Say 'I just love all you guys. It was a great day. Thank you for keeping me happy always.'"

Well, the chap had a point there. Today was good because of the people around me. So here we go.... Thank you for keeping me happy!

(Was hoping to write that on the 1000th day but looks like it came 880 days in advance, but what the heck!)

880 more to go.

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