Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 122: Ending an Exhausting Week

19 March, 2010

Yesterday was the culmination of an exhausting week. As you could easily figure out from the posts, too many things were happening at work, on the film, my social life etc over the week. Yesterday too was no exception. I still had tons of work, I had several calls for the film - calling up prospective location managers, writing to media authority of Singapore, calls with prospective editor, chatting with a friend on some editing and lighting issues, meeting a friend who has offered help on the website design etc. etc. etc. With all that and everything else over the week, kind of left me absolutely exhausted! I just could not wait to get back home and plonk myself on the bed.

Even though all the above things tired me out, I loved doing all of it so it's all good. On top of that a friend forwarded my Prajwala note to all his friends with even more passion for the cause that I could have expected! That brought a smile, a big one!

So I love the way the week ended. Exhausting but Productive!

878 more to go.

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