Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 118: Advice to Me

This morning I was feeling pretty good about myself. I had imparted a large amount of wisdom to two people who had complained about how different things were not working out for them. Basically both these individuals are smart, strong, healthy, good-looking and successful and I believe they don't really have any BIG problem in their lives but were just caught up in some of the smaller things that were not really working according to their expectations.

So I told them exactly that. That a) They should be looking at the big picture, b) Life is about living in the moment and it is not worth worrying about these small things because after a short while, it will turn out to be completely insignificant, c) They should believe in themselves more than anyone else because that's what would help them go on with life, d) They should be the master of their feeligns and not vice versa, And e-z) more such super cool nuggets of higher order knowledge.

I dunno whether the receiving parties of my highly intellectual advice felt the same, but I sure felt that I did a magnificent job of bringing light and joy to the world and the morning was all hunky-dory for me.

Then evening came and together with it, some bad news. One of the locations I was hoping to get for the film shoot turned out to be more expensive than what I can afford. I readily felt bad. It was not just about not getting this location. It was also about once again realizing how much more difficult this film making is than what I had expected. It's pretty discouraging and I readily reacted to the bad news in a way I seem to react to everything these days - I tweeted. About how I wish I had a filthy-rich, film-mogul dad who has a production house so I can just happily make my films.

After making that wishful tweet and spending five minutes of pretending that the world has come to an end, I realized that I should not be cribbing. At least not today, of all days. I mean, all that effort in the morning to be the #1 counsellor in the world would totally go wasted if I didn't incorporate my superb insights into my own life. So I spent around 10 minutes recapping points a-z above and asked myself to get over it.

I went for a 5.5km run and came back with the decision that I will go with my back-up idea on my location anyway. It is a risky option and hence I was not keen on it before but then again, this whole idea of wanting to make a film itself is risky. So there. I know what to do now. Problem solved.

It does help to practise what one preaches, once in a while.

882 more to go.


  1. Very true, its really great if one could practise what they preach..but its not as easy as u say it. If you could do that(though once in a while) then hats off to you.All the best for ur location.

  2. Thanks Priya! Ya the location is more or less fixed... hopefully it will all work out! :)