Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 135: Hydraulic pumps and India!

1 April, 2010

Going to India is always fun but today I had one of the best journeys to India. Today, hubby and I made our way to India for his brother's wedding. The journey to Delhi, our first stop in India, was pretty exciting. The flight we were in, moved away from the gate and was just about to take off, when the pilot announced that we are going back to the gate because the "hydraulic pumps" were not working. Just something one might have overlooked any earlier, I am sure. Once at the gate, he announced that the engineer is checking whether they can be repaired. After about another 15 minutes, he said that the engineer has expressed the likelihood of having to change to another aircraft. Then after a few more minutes, the likelihood became a confirmation and we disembarked. Hubby and I were in high spirits and found the whole episode highly amusing than annoying. We were even more pleased when they provided some excellent food back at the gate. That and another excellent meal on flight accompanied by "Kunfu Panda" on the flight's TV, made me very happy. We reached India about 2.5 hours later than what was planned but really had no complaints.

865 more to go.

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