Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 158: From Frustration to "Fascination"

24 April, 2010

With a lot of pomp and show, yesterday I wrote about how I feel great support from a strong team and how I feel we are ready to roll with the film etc. Apparently the universe didn't quite agree with me there. I had a lot of things planned today for the film with my team - costume sessions, rehearsals, publicity discussions, props listing etc. all of which had to be cancelled because of some rather unexpected challenges. I don't want to get into the details of what exactly happened but in a nutshell, suddenly the project looks as if it doesn't have all the adequate support it needs and deserves.

Needless to say, it left me upset the whole morning. The roadblocks were not things within my own individual control, so I couldn't think of anything other than just watch helplessly when things just fell apart. After moping around for a while, I decided to just make the best out of the situation and took an afternoon nap. I never take afternoon naps as I find them a complete waste of time, but today was different. Today if I had stayed up those hours, they would have been totally unproductive or even counterproductive because I would have spent that time thinking about everthing that's wrong with the world.

After a couple of hours of very deep sleep (even deeper than what I usually get in the nights!), I sat at the computer for a short while. Now the universe might not have agreed with what I wrote here yesterday, but looks like it still didn't want me to be upset. Because a blog I happened to read was talking about exactly what would help me to deal with the situation. It was talking about how one should not go "Oh..No!" at every given challenge but should go "Ah... that's interesting" and how one needs to be fascinated and not frustrated with roadblocks.

Now I found that pretty amusing. It's like everytime I have a doubt in my mind, someone, somewhere sends me a message that clears it up. So I decided to heed to that someone and have a good time instead of thinking about this anymore.

And how does one have a good time? By having good food, but of course! So I promptly set off to Swadishth with hubby and a friend and had an awesome dinner of puttu, kadala, egg podimas, thalassery chicken biriyani, fish fry, chettinadi mutton curry and soda lime. I felt fulfilled.

Then I came back home and finished up the final detailed shot breakdowns for 28 out of the 31 scenes we are shooting in May, with the remaining 3 to be given some final touches tomorrow. In spite of whatever else happens, I want to make sure that I personally am still doing my best for this film.

I still am not too "fascinated" about the challenge I faced today, but at least I have gotten over the crushing feel it had brought with it.

842 more to go.


  1. 'Ah! Interesting'.. he he. :)

    You'll be happy to know that I'm heading to Swaadisth on Thursday. How can I not after all the marketing? :D

  2. :) I think I should let them know of all the marketing work I am doing! Might get a free Thalassery Biriyani! :P