Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 160: Shanghai!

26 April, 2010

Well, well, well. I knew that Facebook and Twitter might be out-of-reach in China but I didn't expect the same about blogs as well! The only thing that seems to work in China is gmail. How annoying! So now I have to update all the psots for the days am in China in one go once I get back to Singapore! Ugh.

So yes, I am in China and I feel the lack of access to my favourite websites have tainted the otherwise beautiful day a bit. But let us focus back on what makes the day beautiful. Well, it is my kickass hotel room here in Shanghai. I am staying at the Sheraton Four Points Pudong Hotel and I have been upgraded to a Superior "Double Double" room as they call it. It has one of those funky setups where the only thing that separates the bedroom and washroom is a glass panel. Am not quite sure about the functionality of the set up yet, but it does look pretty funky. And I have a nice view of the Bund from here. So basically am loving it!

840 more to go.

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