Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 143: Baraat and the Wedding

9 April, 2010

The wedding was in Delhi and we were in Kanpur. So early in the morning (and I mean like 4am-early), we left the house to catch a train to Delhi. After a 5 hour fun train ride, where we had a booked an entire coach for the wedding party, we reached Delhi. The whole day was hectic but was fun with the wedding festivities. The wedding was in farm house and they had some fabulous accomodation arranged for us. The wedding venue was a humungous outdoor lawn decorated lavishly all around.

In north Indian weddings, there is a custom of the baraat, which means that the groom's family goes in an elaborate procession to the bride's side, where the wedding would then take place. The groom would be seated on a decorated horse carriage and there will be songs and dances as the procession moves towards the bride's place. For my own wedding, my entire family had ditched me, the bride, to go join the baraat which is usually strictly a groom-side custom. But it being their first north Indian wedding then, they joined in the procession and later told me that I had completely missed out on the fun. So this time, I was part of the groom's side and was totally looking forward to be part of the baraat! And how I enjoyed it! The singing and the dancing was really really fun!

The rest of the wedding mainly meant mingling around, eating and drinking non -stop (I believe there were like some 200 food items served... it was mind boggling) and general chilling out. The wedding wound up at around 2am. We were dead tired but felt really good about everything!

857 more to go.

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