Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 162: Shanghai Cabbie

28 April, 2010

Interesting day. After some consumer research in Shanghai, I took a flight out to Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines. Like everything else in Shanghai, the domestic airport was also pretty fascinating. These guys have really spent an arm and a leg and a head to renovate everything thanks to the Expo! Anyway, it was the first time on any aircraft where the people were fed before takeoff. Because of air traffic congestion, the flight couldn't take off on time and to entertain us, they decided to feed us. Pretty good idea I thought. If only the food were a bit better.

Guangzhou isn't my favourite place on earth for sure. Even to get a cab from the airport, it's bloody confusing. There are no "Taxi" signs anywhere. But the most depressing part about Guangzhou is the grey atmosphere. Apparently it is always like that... thanks toyears of pollution. It makes a pretty bright person like myself feel rather gloomy. So this is one place am hoping P&G doesn't ever shift me to!

So then the question is what made the day beautiful. Well, well... that darling taxi driver from Shanghai who dropped me to the airport. When I got into his cab, he very excitedly gesticulated and said something in Chinese. I gave him my sweet smile and shrugged. He repeated it a couple of times and I continued to smile at his enthusiasm with no clue about what he was trying to communicate. Then he switched on the speaker in the cab and I got a message in English. It said "Welcome to my cab". He pointed at the speaker. Ah, he wanted me to feel welcomed in his cab. How cute was that!

Am touched by the Chinese hospitality!

838 more to go.

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