Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 140: Singing... publicly.

6 April, 2010

The wedding celebrations kickstarted today. The guests arrived and the first function was the Bhajan Sandhya, which basically means an evening of prayers which involves singing of several devotional songs. There was a nice seating arrangement made in the courtyard of the house with a shrine and a group of professionals were called for the singing. It was pretty nice... they sang beautifully and then my mom-in-law too sang one song. She is a very good singer and everything was going off smoothly until my dad-in-law turned around and suggested that it was my turn to contribute to the Bhajan Sandhya. I stared at him in pure horror. This meant that he wanted me to sing. That too publicly. There were at least a 100-odd guests present plus all the people on road who get to hear the songs thanks to the loud sound systems. After a few minutes of pushing back and turning down the kind offer, I was persuaded to give it a go. I am a fighter after all. So I shut my eyes tight as if to block out the universe when this historic event is happening and then I sang a short shloka. It lasted for about a couple of minutes and I was SO relieved when it was done. The feedback to the attempt was surprisingly positive but the most important thing is that I sang, for the first time ever, publicily over a mic. Yeah, baby!

860 more to go.

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