Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 147: Police, Rain and Yeh Rishta

Pretty interesting day.

I had lost my phone in end Feb. My best guess is that I left it in a cab and when I figured that I no longer had it with me, I called it only to realize that it has been switched off. And we all know that a lost and switched-off mobile phone is gone forever as it clearly indicates that the dude (or dudette) who would have found it has no intention of returning it to you. Now, the good thing about this particular phone was that it had a built-in tracking system which can be pretty useful under such circumstances. If the sim card is changed in the phone, the phone automatically sends a SMS from the new number to some pre-fed contacts. So I was expecting such a SMS from the "new user" of the phone pretty soon. The SMS came a few days ago when I was in India.

Today I filed an online police complaint with all the details about my phone and the SMS I received. In the super efficient manner of the Singapore Police, they contacted me within a couple of hours and asked me to go down to "give a statement". I was so super excited! I love the Singapore Police dudes. They are all pretty friendly and on an average, pretty nice to look at as well. My previous experience with them was in university when I went down to file a complaint about a lost CD player. The story behind that is that the Indian Dance group (of which I happened to be the vice President at that time) had lost its CD player about 8 months ago and was surviving on borrowed players from other dance groups. When finally the other groups asked us to stop bugging them and go get a new one ourselves, we approached the management with sweet smiles and a request for a new CD player. Those guys fell for the sweet smiles but still asked for a police report as some sorta proof that the player was indeed lost. So I went to the police station and filed a report on a CD player that went missing 8 months prior. The kind officer tried his best to hide his amusement and didn't give me a "Seriously, what are you thinking?" look, which is what I myself would have done under such circumstances. Since then I love the Singapore Policemen.

Anyway after successfully giving my police statement and feeling pretty adventurous about it, hubby (who had by then joined me at the police post) and I walked to Little India for dinner. Today was a wonderful rainy day in Singapore and there was a drizzle as we walked down. The road from Tanglin police HQ to Little India is not crowded and I was inspired to sing in appreciation of the rain. Since I didn't know any songs about rain, I just decided to sing "Yeh Rishta" from "Meenaxi, tale of 3 cities" which has gotto be THE favourite song of all time for me. So I started to sing at the top of my voice and the hubby walked about 10-15 feet ahead, pretending that he had nothing to do with me. But I just sang and sang and sang, enjoying the beautiful rain and the wonderful walk in it. Lovely!

853 more to go.

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