Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 159: Truly "Fascinated"!

Today was a good day. Like a really good one. Yesterday I had written about how I was not completely "fascinated" yet, but had overcome my frustration to a large extent. Today, I think I finally reached the fascination stage.

Firstly, hubby and I were fascinated by the horrendous service and resulting drama at Murugan Idly, where we had lunch. They were getting the orders all messed up until the customers were throwing a fuss, the waiters were throwing a fuss, a 1 year old kid was throwing a fuss (not about the order, but about a baby chair that she desired). It was chaos redefined. And then they took the service to a new low by giving us filter coffee in plastic cups vs. the usual steel tumblers, which broke my hubby's heart. Then much to my hubby's utter horror, I started laughing out aloud at a joke that the loud-speaking idly-eating fellow customer two tables down cracked. In short, it was one pleasurable meal.

Dinner was also pretty fascinating. Hubby and I ate at "Tent", a Mongolian place at Clarke Quay. The funky thing about the place is that you can choose all your ingredients yourself, including the sauces and the guys will put them all together and cook for you. I am always fascinated here, particularly about their cut-throat rates but we went there in spite of the price today, since we are making a big deal about me not being around for next 5 days (business trip to China). Super romantic, I know.

Then I finally managed to complete the entire shot breakdown for the scenes to be shot in May. I am feeling really good about them!

Now for the most fascinating bit. Since morning I had been getting one email after the other from my film's cast showing their support to the project, which was really great after the fiasco yesterday. After coming back from dinner, I saw the email from the last remaining cast member. So looks like my entire cast is with me on this. Feels good. Truly fascinating.

Tomorrow, Shanghai.

841 more to go.

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  1. MABROOK meaning congratulations, its always great to see you in the cheerful mode.