Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 148: Gestures

Today I was still recovering from post-wedding fatigue. Apparently going to work yesterday and then the walk in the rain later at night didn't quite help in an earlier recovery. So today I stayed at home. After a while of doing absolutely nothing, I started thinking about the wedding and all the people I met there whom I was now missing. Then I was overcome with the desire to do something small for one of my most favourite people in the world, Nani. Nani is the hubby's maternal grandmother who was also at the wedding. I see her for only a few days every year but she is such a darling and we have gotten really close over the years. And I wanted to make some sort of a small gesture to express my feelings for her. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to do up her sketch. I had made one about 3 years ago for my own maternal grandmom in Kerala and since then I had not sketched anyone at all and decided to go back to the drawing board for Nani today.

Just when I was feeling pretty good about the gesture I was making, I received a beautiful email from one of hubby's cousins. We had spent a short time together at the wedding and the email was her way of expressing what she felt about me and the time we spent together. I am not a very emotional person and not many things move me but this email really touched me and will remain close to my heart for a long time to come.

So there, today was a day of gestures. I tried to make one and another one was made to me.

852 more to go.


  1. Awesome Sketch! I always knew you were an artist, but never knew you were this good!!!!

  2. That's a beautiful one Shilpa,do send it to her-Ambily

  3. Thank you both! :)

    Ambily - yes I did send it to her :)

  4. Woah! Look at taaaaaat! U rock sis!