Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 154: Marathon Thrissur Updates

Tomorrow my mom is returning back to India after her 1-week stint in Singapore. The past few days had been so busy, I hardly had a chance to sit down and talk to her. Usually we have nice, long conversations where-in she updates me on everything happening in our hometown Thrissur. There is somehow always plenty of updates to talk about.

Since she is leaving tomorrow and we didn't really have a chance to catch up, I consciously made an effort to free up some time today and have a conversation with her. And then I got my marathon updates about all the people in Thrissur that I could possibly know. Onlookers might call it "gossiping" but I call it being simply updated. After almost 3 hours of the chat, I feel pretty updated and enlightened. Now gotta wait for her next visit for the next round.

846 more to go.

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