Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 142: Mehendi, Haldi, Dandia

8 April, 2010

Another fun day. First the ladies of the house got henna designs done on their hands, in the function of Mehendi. After that there was a Haldi function. In olden days, instead of getting facials from salons people used to put turmeric paste on the faces, arms and legs to beautify the bride and the groom. The tradition still continues and the Haldi function ensures that the groom (in our case), gets a fair dose of turmeric beautification. However, in the process of dabbing turmeric on him, the rest of us also were smeared with Haldi all over, thanks to hubby's enthusiastic aunt. Then she proceeded to take a pair of dandia sticks and then we had some time of dandia dance (a Gujarati folk dance). Even my dad joined in and was doing some funky moves, kneeling down on the floor! Fun!

858 more to go.

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