Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 161: Meeting Max and Walking Down the Bund

28 April, 2010

If you all think Max is this super handsome stud whom I met in Shanghai and fell in love with, you are absolutely right. Only detail to be noted is that he is a 7 year old Golden Retriever.

It was love at first sight. Really. He belongs to a consumer whose home we visited as part of our research in Shanghai. He was a big boy, was absolutely cuddly, adorably friendly, really good looking and seemed to think I was his best friend from last birth or something. He was all over me. Pouncing and licking and shaking his tail so furiously that he was hitting me all over in the process. I had always wanted a dog and meeting Max has absolutely rekindled the desire. They are simply the most wonderful creatures (while my hubby thinks that the world would be as bright and chirpy without them). Sigh. Someday. For Sure.

On a side note, I must also mention that I was highly ticked by the plastic shoe-covering bags my research lady offered me before entering the consumer's house. When she first offered me the plastic bag I almost got worried thinking maybe I look sick and she thinks I am gonna throw up, hence offering a bag in advance. But soon got to know the matter. Apparently in China, you are expected to remove your footwear when you enter someone's house. But if you don't want to remove your footwear (for e.g. if the floor is too cold), then you can just put plastic bags around your shoes. And there are custom made plastic bags for this! They look like fitted bed sheets with elastic on two ends that you can just put on and people seem to carry a few with them if they are expecting themselves to visit someone's house. Highly entertaining!

Anyway, so the afternoon was taken up in falling in love with Max and admiring shoe covering plastic bags. And I had to make plans for the evening. Apparently my colleagues who are on the same research team as me are all staying in a hotel far away from mine so I had no choice but to spend the evening on my own. Not that it mattered, for I made some awesome plans.

I had always wanted to do something that Krisflyer (Singapore Airlines Magazine) recommended. They always have great stories about great places, (which I sometimes take note of on a scrap of paper and readily lose it by the time I reach my destination) and I have always wanted to do at least one of the super cool things that they recommend. It so happened that one of the recommendations in this month's Krisflyer is to go to the restaurant called "M on the Bund" in Shanghai. Since I was in Shanghai and I had a whole evening to do whatever I desired, I made a reservation there.

I made my way to the Bund in the evening. The Bund technically is the riverside in Shanghai with some architectural wonders (both old and new) lining up both the sides. They have recently renovated it for the upcoming World Expo and the place looked spectacular. I enjoyed the strong, cold winds and the visual treat for a while before proceeding to a sumptuous meal of Iranian Duck Stew from 'M on the Bund'. The food was pretty good I must say, even though the stew along costed my S$47! But then again, it's not everyday you get to do a Krisflyer recommended activity. So here's to Shanghai.

839 more to go.

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