Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 155: Being Pampered

Today my mom went back home to Kerala. She had been visiting quite frequently since last December and we had been spending a lot of time together. So when she finally left today I felt a bit blue. On top of that I had a lot of work the whole day and now am getting into a research call from Argentina which will go all the way until midnight. So in short, things weren't really looking up.

Until hubby came home and realized that I am not feeling all rosy about the world. So he has decided to become quite the darling (which is a very rare occassion, mind you) and went out to buy food and cold coffee for me! It is a big deal because on normal days he would have made quite a fuss about these things. On top of that he actually let me watch a channel on TV that I want to watch and not his cricket channel, which is like high quality pampering really. So am not feeling all that blue now and am ready to take my research call.

845 more to go.

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