Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 144: The Last Leg

10 April, 2010

Today was the final day of the wedding festivities. After the wedding ended at 2am, we had to pack up and leave Delhi at 4 am. After we got back to Kanpur, there were quite a few customs where the bride, who is entering her husband's house for the first time, had to perform some prayers, go to the temple, etc. There was also the "Moonh Dikhaayi" where the bride "reveals her face" to the members of the family. In the past, the bride would have covered her face under a veil until this point and moonh dikkaayi time is when the members of the groom's family would take a peek at her face under the veil and then shower her with gifts.

After all the rituals, I got some quality time to catch up with the bride, who shall now onwards be referred to as the sis-in-law!

Then we got ready for the final final leg of the festivities, which is the dinner reception at Kanpur. That too was fun. Got to meet a lot of people and also have some awesome food! And then the wedding officially came to an end. All of us were neck deep in fatigue but were all feeling pretty good otherwise.

856 more to go.