Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 156: Being Expressive

I am not a very expressive person when it comes to telling people what I feel about them. So for e.g. if I felt that someone is really nice or I had a great time with someone, especially someone quite close, I find it difficult to go up and say "I had such a lovely time with you" or "You are such a great person and I am so happy to know you" or "This is so incredibly sweet, I am speechless" and stuff like that. It might be obvious from my actions that I like this person and I appreciate what he/she is doing for me, but I usually don't really express these things in so many words. It's a personality trait.

So when others tell me such things, that too in writing, I am usually overwhelmed. I had received an email like that last week that I wrote about here. Today too, I received such an email from a person close to me, and I was once again overwhelmed and absolutely speechless. For a long while I thought that I can't even get myself to write a worthwhile reply, so I will skip that and instead just mention the email on this blog. Then I realized that it won't be fair. When someone takes the trouble to write something like that you, you need to take the effort to open up a bit more and express your feeligns in the same manner. No matter how "non-expressive" you think you are.

So I did that. I poured my heart out into an email and sent it back. It's probably not the most articulate piece of work in the world, but hope it serves its purpose.

844 more to go.

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