Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 163: Chinese Hospitality

29 April, 2010

The Chinese hospitality continues to amaze me. I had been to Shanghai three years ago but the overall feel I got that time was that the people were, in general, not very pleased with my presence in their territory. But this time, both in Shanghai and Guangzhou, I was pleasantly surprised by their service! Be it the hotel staff or the cabbies or other shop keepers, they are all super sweet! Here's just one of the many instances that happened today.

I wouldn't have thought it was possible but Guangzhou was gloomier today. The smog was really really horrible and on top, it rained heavily the entire day. The traffic situation was bad and getting a taxi was a nightmare. So all plans to shop or go out for dinner were cancelled.

I decided to get some room service for dinner and proceeded to order Curry Laksa and Hot Chocolate. Firstly, the guy who brought the food looked as if it was the happiest thing he could possibly do in his life! He was all smiles, which in turn made me all smiles as well! And then, the food itself was awesome! Just as I finished that huge bowl of Curry Laksa and was watching "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (a film with Steve Martin and Michael Cains) while sipping my hot chocolate, a lady called me up just to ask me whether the food was upto my satisfaction and whether everything was enjoyable. I was like... "Awwww"! I, of course, replied that everything was very very enjoyable, thank you very much! The guy who later came to clear the dinner tray also looked happy enough to be breaking into a song and dance routine.

Once again, Chinese hospitality rocks!

837 more to go.

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