Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 157: The Team Kicks Off

The film shoot will begin in just two weeks' time and things are really beginning to roll now. Over the past few months we've been having photoshoots and rehearsals with the cast members, but for a long time on the production side, I had been the only or most active one in the team. That is, I was the only sending out all the emails with instructions on rehearsals, schedules, props, scripts, shot breakdowns, music requirements, publicity materials etc. etc. Then slowly others joined in - the cinematographers, the still photographer, the music director. And most recently, I also got a costume manager, a production manager and a publicity manager. So the team was complete.

And today for the first time, it felt as if the team was operating in full swing! I had shot breakdown discussion with the cinematographer, a publicity material feedback session with the still photographer and a soundtrack brainstorming with the music director. On top of these, my costume manager sent out a list of costumes for scenes to be shot in May, and the production manager sent out a lot of props for scenes to be shot in May. In short, there was a lot of activity by all the production crew members and suddenly it feels that the team has kicked off!

It's like suddenly there are so many brains and hands working to make 'Mausams' happen and I feel that we are ready to roll! Am almost bursting with the excitment!

843 more to go.

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